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Inspired by Purple Rain

(COMIC / 2020)

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Purple love is highly inspired by the story of Prince's famous musical movie, Purple Rain, released in 1984.

Prince and his rival compete for the beautiful Apollonia who has just arrived in Minneapolis with the aim of launching her musical career.

When Apollonia sees Prince playing at the Glam Slam club she falls under his spell and it is reciprocated. Prince promises to take care of her career and to love her, but it seems that he is not the only one interested.

Who will Apollonia choose?


I researched shots from the movie to compose a single page comic. I hand drew each tile and recoloured later on photoshop. It has beautiful thin line illustrations and complimentary colours that reflects the relationship of Prince and Apollonia.



I shared my design on instagram where I received a pleasantly positive reaction from the film's lead actor.

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